What is it?

VDM is a suite of software tools built to support property professionals undertaking Valuation projects.

VDM makes managing property data faster, easier and more accurate. All the tools are built to remove the headaches involved with calculation, arithmetic, look-up, report generation and much more.

VDM for Compensation
VDM Online

Who is it for?

VDM is developed for Estate Surveyors, Valuers and Appraisers. Often these individuals have to collect huge amounts of data, including images and georgaphical locations.

A subclass of our target user is the Valuer executing a compensation valuation project on behalf of a governments agency or other organisations. Time, efficiency and accuracy are extremely critical in this case, and all our tools help to achieve these.

Some of our customers:
C A Chizea and Co.
Fortune Ebie and Co.
Raji Adewale and Associates
Ugo Ejim and Co.

What can it do for me?

Reduce your processing time

The automated data entry system featured in our apps speed-up the process of capturing recording data on a number of asset types.

Without automation, processing field data is a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task. This is unfortunate as it is important for all parties that the time period between field enumeration and report submission be as short as possible.

Reduce your errors

The system performs ALL calculations to drastically reduce the number of mistakes that are recorded. Errors in certificates, schedules and/or computation sheets can be very costly, in terms of time and reputation. People are prone to mistakes especially when doing repetitive tasks. We have designed our system to do all calculations for you averting desk tedium.

Securely store claim data

The system stores data safely and securely, keeping it available whenever it is needed.

Valuers are constantly faced with the risks of error, loss and/or misplacement of data and consequently in mutilation of claims payable and perhaps litigation.