Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use VDM without an internet connection?

    YES. VDM 2.0 for Windows does not require an internet connection for use. All files and data are stored on your computer. You will however need to connect to the internet to register VDM when you use it for the first time.

  • Can I transfer data?

    YES. VDM's export and import facilities allow you to transfer your work from one VDM installation to another.

  • What if my computer crashes?

    OK. If a computer with VDM installed is lost and/or damaged you will need to get in touch with us via (or any other medium) and we will reset your licenses.

  • How much will VDM cost me?

    The price of VDM will vary with the number of installations and customizations you require as well as the level of support. Please click here to see rate card.

  • Can VDM be used for other types of valuation?

    YES. Inspectify and VDM Online can be used for any type of Valuation. VDM for Compensation however is designed and developed specifically for Compensation and Valuation only.

  • Can I change crop rates?

    YES. VDM allows you to create, edit and save 'Rate Cards' for use on different projects, states, regions etc.

  • Do I pay a monthly or annual fee for VDM?

    NO. VDM 2.0 for Windows is yours forever for a single payment.

  • Where can I get training?

    You'll find a rich selection of materials including articles, tutorials and tips at

    Alternatively your VDM package may include classroom training sessions. Should you require extra classroom training, it will be provided by Imagefactor at a cost.